where is the body porous and where does it coagulate?

1. large political bodies,

2. individual bodies,

--manion kuhn--

we would introduce another duplicity: between the physical and the virtual body... which both operate within the realm of both the political (molar) and individual (molecular) level.

this collection of media and practices deals with the maitenance of beauty---which often speaks in the language of the porous and of thinning and clumping. many of the works defer the decision between the physical and the virtual.

we asked people what was the work of the beauty blogger in calling for this work. what we have learned is that it lies in the creation of fantasies. it dwells in the peripheralized arts of costuming and prop-making. using enchanted objects to seduce.

while most of the work focuses first on the production of the molecular machinery of desire, we invited you to think, as you view this work, also of the collective bodies and what kind of desiring machines they are producing.